My New Dance Fitness Website!

It’s been a year in the making, but my dance fitness website,, is LIVE!

Did you know that I’ve been a lifelong dancer? It’s true!

Along with loads of traditional dance classes during my childhood, I spent 20+ years dancing my heart out in the electronic dance community. THIS is where I realized the therapeutic power of moving meditation. I left the nightlife culture years ago, but the love for dance was still in my heart, itching to be shared. I was called to share the therapeutic power of dance with others during daylight hours, free from the draining energy of intoxicants.

I now carry out this inspiration as a dance fitness instructor, blending international music and dance styles with soulful and funky house music to move bodies, hearts and minds.

Please check out my new website and attend one of my classes! (Occurring in the Boulder, Colorado area). Thank you!

Click here:

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